Seasonal work in a Greek Island

So earlier this year I visited Santorini with my mum, and I’ve been to ios last year. While In santorini I realised I wanted to be in Greece for the summer. I applied for jobs online as a receptionist without knowing I’d actually get the job. Now I’m not going to write names but I got a job at a Hostel in Mykonos, I’ve been aware that it wasn’t going to be easy and indeed I didn’t make it through the whole summer. The reason why I couldn’t handle it wasn’t because of the job but the people I used to work with. Greeks are used to work hard in the summer and then do nothing during winter time. I was working in hospitality meaning I had to be smiling all the time, but it’s really hard when you have your boss screaming at you or giving u shit if you sit down for 5 minutes while you work everyday for 10 hours without a day off.. at least I had the pleasure to experience it and I spent 2 months in the beautiful island. Has any of you worked a season and actually got it through?