Barcelona in Sant Jordi’s day

I got to Barcelona yesterday April 23rd on the day of San Jorge and to be honest it seemed like a second Valentine’s Day of the year. Guys give a rose to the girls and the girls give them a book. It was beautiful too see, so many roses in Passeis De Gracia and so many couples kissing and hugging, it’s nice to see love in the air. That’s pretty much it for our first day in Barcelona, from the airport (in which I found the metro very clean) to the hotel and then out to check out our surroundings but it was too busy to actually have a proper stroll, it seemed like we were lining up to get in a concert. As I mentioned before it was nice to have a celebration to check out, it’s always pleasant to see people celebrating their traditions. We only spent 3 hours “sightseeing” because of of the amount of people in the city and us being tired from only a 3 hours sleep. This is not all though, it’s only our first day 😉