Mum and daughter adventures : SantoriniĀ 

So mum and I booked a flight on Friday to depart on Sunday to Crete, Greece. Yeah just 2 days..another spontaneous trip! But because we noticed that ferries for this season go to Santorini only every Sunday we booked the only ferry available after we would arrive to Crete. We landed at Chania at 3 pm got our bags and there was a cab waiting for us that I booked in advance just in case so we could make it to the ferry(it was set to leave at 6pm) from the port of Heraklion and from Chania to the port it’s a 2 hours drive! Anyhow we made it on time and not only! Our ferry was delayed by an hour! Good news is that after 2.5 hours flight with 2.15 in a taxi and 6 in a ferry..It’s 2 am and we are finally in Santorini!! 

GoPro Hero 5

Bought this new toy yesterday, I’m quite excited I could say. I wish it came with a “fantastic travel experiences” warranty but life doesn’t work this way, anyhow I’m motivated to push myself to get out there(more) than usual and start working on projects, more videos than photos and I’m not talking about snapchat. So let’s see what will come out šŸ™‚