Barcelona in Sant Jordi’s day

I got to Barcelona yesterday April 23rd on the day of San Jorge and to be honest it seemed like a second Valentine’s Day of the year. Guys give a rose to the girls and the girls give them a book. It was beautiful too see, so many roses in Passeis De Gracia and so many couples kissing and hugging, it’s nice to see love in the air. That’s pretty much it for our first day in Barcelona, from the airport (in which I found the metro very clean) to the hotel and then out to check out our surroundings but it was too busy to actually have a proper stroll, it seemed like we were lining up to get in a concert. As I mentioned before it was nice to have a celebration to check out, it’s always pleasant to see people celebrating their traditions. We only spent 3 hours “sightseeing” because of of the amount of people in the city and us being tired from only a 3 hours sleep. This is not all though, it’s only our first day 😉 

Purchasing a flight ticket a day before departure

It’s not my first time doing this for a trip, i could say i’ve done it more than 5 times for sure and even in less time before departure. Anyways, I’m currently in my hometown with my mum ( we don’t live here but we’ve been here for 2 months while we were on the process of selling our house in which we sold a week ago) and we are staying at a hotel and we were planning to leave in about 3-4 days, so we went down to reception to try to extend our stay but there were no more rooms available from tomorrow. So me and my mum looked at each other and said: ok we’re leaving Italy then. We could have gone to Treviso or Venice but we came to the conclusion that we don’t have any more business in here so why not go to Spain since mum has to go to Colombia very soon and usually flights that go to Colombia have Spain as a stopover. So here i am i just purchased 2 tickets that depart in 15 hours Venice-Barcelona. I’m excited. At the beginning of this month we did the same and went to Santorini. Now Spain, i’ve been when i was little but i don’t remember it so yeah adventure awaits! And when mum goes to Colombia i don’t know what i’ll do but i want to travel Europe for a bit this summer..going with the flow it’s just the best, I don’t criticise those that don’t think alike but all i know is that i keep my life entertaining and i love it for it 🙂 18072895_10210978498432264_1454901688_n

Thira Santorini

Probably the best place I’ve been too. And i’ve been here only 2 days!

Despite all the awful things that happen in this world, Santorini is a paradise. The views, the food, the wine, the sunsets, and the way Greeks take care of their island by constantly painting the walls and floors to maintain their place tidy and good for the eye. And no mention their cordiality and will to help you out. Greece is not doing well as most Europe and I admire that they treat tourists with respect because they need them, and something that I really admire is that everyone speaks English. Unlike in my country, Italy..they expect you to get to learn Italian, how embarrassing. Well this is to keep enjoying my days in the island and to keep pushing forward the date to leave :p because I really don’t want to at least not yet !